Staying Organized During Your Move

Are you moving into or out of the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area? The best way to keep your move going as smoothly as possible is to stay as organized as you can. Tall order? Of course. But we have some tips for organized moving that will help you keep your wits together.

Keep Your Important Documents and Information Safe and Accessible

Social security cards, leases, birth certificates, medical records, insurance papers—all of these things and more can be absolutely vital to tying up loose ends before you move and laying down the foundation when you get to where you’re going. Make sure you don’t lose track of your family’s indispensable paperwork with these tips:

  • Keep everything in one place – Get a binder with inserted plastic sheet protectors, or an expandable file folder, to keep all the documents together. Keep it with things that you know won’t be packed away in a box—near your mobile phone, your purse, anything that will be on your person when you hit the road. When you settled in your new place, it’s probably a good idea to keep that binder or file folder intact as your “central command” for every family member’s necessary info.
  • Request hard copies of records – If you need hard copies of your medical records, request them from your doctor’s office as far in advance as possible—especially if you have children who will be enrolling in a new school. Keep in mind the office may charge for this service.
  • Keep track of prescriptions – Make sure your family’s prescriptions are up to date, and, if you know the location of the pharmacy you’ll be using when you move, have the prescriptions transferred. If you use a mail-order service—especially one that sends refills automatically—make sure you update them with your new address.
  • Record important contact information – If you’ll be looking for a new job, or a rental house or apartment, make sure you have contact information for all the references you may need—former landlords, supervisors, etc.
  • Start a to-do list: Make a list of all the services you’ll need to update or re-start when you move. Tip number three on this list of moving tips has a smart idea for a spreadsheet to make this process easier.

Know Where Your Stuff Is

Label every box—with detail! This should go without saying, but when you’re exhausted from packing and cleaning, you may be tempted slack on this crucial aspect.

  • Don’t just write the name of the room the box needs to go in. Be more specific. Boxes marked “Kitchen: silverware and trays” or “Bedroom closet: hangers and shoe trees” will help you prioritize your unpacking and be much more efficient.
  • If you really want to make it easy, color code your boxes with bright packing tape. A color for each room will help you identify from afar what needs to go where. This is also an easy and fun way for kids to know which stuff is theirs.

Keep the Kids Busy and Comfortable

Speaking of kids, it’s important to keep them occupied and happy during the moving process. They may be stressed, bored, or excited, all of which will necessitate some comforting and damage control on your end.

  • Help them help you by making a checklist with them. If your child is old enough, work with him or her to make a list of all the items that will be coming along to the new place. As you pack, have your child check off what gets done. This will help give him or her a sense of accomplishment as well as a feeling of control over what’s going on.
  • Keep their most needed items out and available. If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or other lovey, make sure it doesn’t get packed or lost! Keep this, along with some take-along activities, handy to stave off crankiness and boredom.
  • Check out our previous blog post, “Moving With Children,” for some tips specific to dealing with your child’s emotions during this stressful time.

When You Get There

When you get to your new home, whether it’s down the street, across the country, or on the other side of the globe, you’re going to be tired and preoccupied. Pack a “kit” of items you’ll need to make the first few days in your new home comfortable. Think “bare necessities”—toilet paper, snacks, first-aid supplies. Number 11 on this list gives some excellent options.

Additional Organized Move Resources

Real Simple has a highly detailed countdown list of things to get done before you move. And we’ve got a moving checklist of our own for you!

Looking for a company to help organize your move? Call Platinum Moving Services! If you are located in the Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington, DC area, contact us to start moving through your checklist today!

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