Project Recap: International Statue Shipping & Moving

At Platinum Moving, we’ve shipped and moved just about everything—domestically and internationally. International car shipping? Check! Boat shipping? Done it!

But one of our most recent moving projects has to be one of our most exciting. It involved two large, delicate statues shipped all the way from China to DC. Check them out:

And just to give you an idea of the statues’ journey, here’s a quick overview:

  • We packed and shipped the statues from China.
  • The statues then arrived in New York.
  • From New York, we had the statues delivered to Baltimore.
  • Finally, the statues were transferred from Baltimore to our client’s home in DC.

As with all artwork, we had to be extremely careful with this shipment, and our client was thrilled to have the statues arrive safe and sound.

Need International Art or Antique Moving?

At Platinum Moving, we understand that your art and antiques are priceless. So don’t risk shipping them with a second-rate moving company!

We have extensive experience packing, preparing, moving and shipping art and antiques for residential and commercial clients in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia areas. If the Smithsonian Institute in DC trusts us, you can trust us!

Contact Platinum Moving today for a free quote on packing and shipping artwork, antiques, or statues with our quality art moving services!

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