Vehicle Shipping Services

Are you preparing to move across the country or overseas?  Thinking about bringing your car with you?  Don't let hesitation about vehicle shipping services hold you back!  If you want your car to arrive safely in your new location, we can make it happen.

At Platinum Moving Services, we are experts at preparing and securing vehicles for transport, especially overseas transport. In fact, on average, we send one vehicle abroad every week. Of course, we also arrange for transportation of automobiles within the United States (to and from the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area and elsewhere), so whatever your needs are, we are your single source solution!

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Overseas Vehicle Shipping

When shipping an automobile (car, truck, motorcycle) overseas, there are two choices: containerized or roll-on roll-off. 

Containerized Vehicle Shipping

When containerized, the vehicle gets loaded into a metal container. This method is the most secure but also more expensive. Also, we will bring the container to your residence to load and take it to port, so you don’t need to do anything. To load a vehicle we never use ramps, as other companies do, because there is always the danger of damage during loading. Instead, we always utilize the services of a towing company which brings the car level with the container and then we simply roll the vehicle into the container. Then we tie down the car at all four corners, thus ensuring the vehicle will not move at all during transport.

Roll-On Roll-Off Vehicle Shipping

In roll-on roll-off vehicle shipping (often called Ro-Ro within the industry), the car is driven onto one of the decks of a ferry-like ship. In Ro-Ro, the owner of the vehicle drives the car to port and hands it over to the port authorities for loading into the designated ship.

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Motorcycle Anchored in a Container
Motorcycle ready for shipping overseas
We never use ramps to load a vehicle into a container. Instead we use a flat bed towing truck to raise the car to the same height as the container and then roll the car into place.
After emptying the gas tank and disconnecting the battery cables, we anchor the vehicle to the floor of the container to make sure that no sifting can occur during transport.
To maximize usable space inside a container, we sometimes construct a “garage” within. Then we park the car inside the temporary housing.

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