Shipping Services in the Glenn Dale Area

Are you getting ready to move and want to take advantage of quality shipping services? Do you need a dependable shipping company to send items internationally? Platinum Moving Services is a full-service shipping company serving the Glenn Dale area. We have more than three decades of experience shipping items of all kinds—including household goods, art, antiques, pianos, and other valuables to locations across the country and around the world! We are a one-stop shop for any shipping services you need!

At Platinum Moving Services, we are logistical problem solvers. Whether you need to ship household goods, automobiles, sailboats, pianos, art, or even small industrial machines, we can help you find the best and most economical way to deliver your cargo anywhere in the United States or to any part of the globe.

What We Ship and How

At Platinum, we offer efficient, dependable:

Even if you are moving across town, you want to make sure your household goods and valuables arrive at your new location completely undamaged. We offer packing and shipping services for your move across town, and our packing craftsmanship is second to none! You can rest assured your belongings will arrive at your new location in the exact shape they were when they were being packed.

National Shipping

If you’re moving across the country, nothing is worse than arriving in a new, unfamiliar town and realizing that some of your belongings have been broken or damaged. And since you’re in a new location, replacing certain household goods isn’t easy! Moving should be as stress-free and convenient as possible. This is what we strive for at Platinum. When we provide national shipping for you, we guarantee that your shipment will arrive in the exact condition it was in when it left your hands!

International Shipping from Glenn Dale

Moving overseas can be very stressful with all the complex processes in mind. From preparing passports and other documents to making sure the kids are packed, some simple things may slip your mind. Taking advantage of the packing and shipping services from Platinum!

If you’re moving overseas and want to take advantage of ocean containers, we can help. If you want expert packing craftsmanship, we can help. If you want a guarantee your stuff will be shipped internationally without undergoing damage, we can help! We safely ship anything, anywhere. Your cargo will be in good hands, with communication during every step of the process.

We provide:

Shipping to Africa

Shipping to Argentina & Brazil

Shipping to Australia

Shipping to Belize

Shipping to Canada

Shipping to Central America

Shipping to Costa Rica

Shipping to Croatia

Shipping to Cyprus

Shipping to Ecuador

Shipping to Germany

Shipping to Ghana

Shipping to Guatemala

Shipping to Iraq

Shipping to Italy

Shipping to Mexico

Shipping to New Zealand

Shipping to South Africa

Shipping to South America

Shipping to Spain

Shipping to Sweden

Shipping to Thailand

Reliable Glenn Dale Shipping Services

Call Platinum Moving Services today at 301-591-3858 to learn about our expert local, national, and international packing and shipping services in Glenn Dale!

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    “Platinum takes professional to a whole new level!”

    Steve T.

    “Platinum moving made an extraordinary showing of moving me from DC to Mexico City, Mexico. I was somewhat focused as this was the primary worldwide move that I needed to orchestrate all alone as I had been fortunate to have the USG move me all my past times. I had a tight window, a couple of weeks in which to arrange the move. Platinum was extraordinary in working with me to plan the review rapidly and the resulting pack-out. The group they had for me was obliging, proficient, and fast. There was somewhat of a postponement in the entry of the holder from Baltimore, MD because of a mishap and activity that day yet that was minor considering everything by and large. They additionally combined me with an incredible organization in Mexico, called Balderas. There were just a couple of days postponement at the traditions/port in Veracruz before my stuff landed at my new able in Mexico City. Generally, thanks such a great amount to Platinum and Balderas for making the move easily on their parts.”

    F L.

    international moving company


    With 30+ years in the moving & shipping business, Platinum has done it all—and done it exceptionally well. Even the Smithsonian raves about us!