DC Area Car Shipping Services

Are you preparing to move across the country or overseas and want to take your car? Car shipping from the DC area is easier than you think!

As one of the most veteran car shipping companies in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, Platinum Moving Services sends an average of one vehicle abroad every week. We also arrange car shipping within the United States (to and from the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area and elsewhere).

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Car Transport Services in DC, MD & VA

International Auto Shipping

When shipping an automobile (car, truck, motorcycle) overseas, there are two choices: containerized or roll-on roll-off.

  • Containerized Car Shipping – Containerized shipping means that your vehicle gets loaded into a metal container. This method is the most secure. If you opt for containerized car shipping from the Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC area, we will bring the container to your location to load and take it to port for you.

When loading vehicles, we never use ramps—as other companies do—because doing so may damage your car. Instead, we have a trusted towing company bring the car level with the container and then we simply roll the vehicle into the container. We then secure the car at all four corners to ensure the vehicle will not move at all during transport. See photos and descriptions of our containerized car shipping below!

  • Roll-On Roll-Off Auto Shipping – In roll-on, roll-off vehicle shipping (often called Ro-Ro within the industry), the car is driven onto one of the decks of a ferry-like ship. If you choose roll-on, roll-off car shipping, we will have you drive your car to port and transfer it to the port authorities for loading into the designated ship. This method costs less than containerized car shipping.

Shipping a Car Within the Continental United States

When you need car shipping to another state, Platinum Moving Services can arrange the service for you with one of our reputable partners. Call us at 301-591-3858 for details on car shipping from the DMV area.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Car shipping rates vary depending on the auto transport method you choose, where the car is going, and other factors that we can explain in detail over the phone. If you are getting car shipping quotes, contact Platinum Moving. We are happy to offer free car shipping quotes.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

  • Check for existing damage. We recommend washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of your car prior to damage inspection so that you don’t miss any damage.
  • Disconnect alarm(s). The last thing we want to do is call you to tell you we can’t load your car because the alarm is going off!
  • Remove personal items. Make sure you have all of your belongings out of the car before it is set for transport. Once it’s gone, it’s gone until it reaches its destination!
  • Remove exterior accessories and any unsecured interior accessories. Although your car is completely secured within the container or ferry, there is always the chance that movement may dislodge items that are not mounted. To minimize the risk of damage, we ask that you remove any loose accessories.

There may be other necessary preparation depending on the type of car you ship. Platinum Moving Services also offers motorcycle shipping. If you have questions about auto transport within the U.S. or international car shipping, give us a call at 301-591-3858.

Whether you want to learn more about car transport services or want to get a car shipping quote, we’d love to help. Call Platinum Moving Services at 301-591-3858 or contact us online for more information about our car shipping services!

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    Maryland Motorcycle Movers

    Motorcycle anchored inside a container

    Auto Transport in Maryland

    We never use ramps to load a vehicle into a container. Instead, we use a flat bed tow truck to raise the car to the same height as the container and then roll the car into place. 

    International Motorcycle Shippers in the Washington, DC Area

    Motorcycle ready to be shipped overseas

    Containerized Car Shipping in the Washington, DC Area

    After emptying the gas tank and disconnecting the battery cables, we anchor the vehicle to the floor of the container to make sure shifting cannot occur during transport.