How to Save on Moving Expenses

Contrary to popular belief, moving your stuff to a new location doesn’t have to be nearly the headache that so many people experience each and every year. From finding the time to pack, to worrying about transportation, in addition to everything else going on in your busy life, moving tends to be a hectic proposition.

There are ways to make moving easier. For example, if you reside in Maryland and are moving cross-country, companies like Platinum Moving Services are uniquely-poised to make sure treasured belongings get to their destination. Storage units facilitate packing, so that you can do so at your leisure in the time leading up to the actual move. If you’re moving to a nearby location.

Make Moving More Affordable

If you’re like most people, you can always use tips that trim your overall moving costs. The following are some solutions to reduce your stress levels and the impact of the move on your wallet:

  • Throw away:  Whether you move on your own or take the more convenient route of hiring a trusted moving company, cargo weight is directly related to how much it costs you. As such, make sure to throw away old items before you actually move them to your new place and then decide to get rid of them. The latter way is like throwing away money!
  • Donate: Similar to the above, but potentially more lucrative—give away stuff to charity and get tax deductions as a result. This requires you to be a bit more organized than; but if you have a lot of things you no longer use and that are in good shape, it tends to be worthwhile to take the extra time to donate them.
  • Outsource: Hire a professional service to take care of everything in one shot. Truth is, when you factor in all the stress, moving boxes on and off a truck, renting the truck, gas, and perhaps missing work some days, it is considerably less costly to have someone do the moving for you. This is where Platinum Moving comes in—our commercial and residential movers are equally effective at moving businesses and homes.

Additionally, Platinum Moving Services specializes in top-notch antiques and art movers for your uniquely delicate wares. We even do commercial shipping for really big jobs and for distant moves that span the oceans. If you’re coming from Maryland, DC and moving to anywhere in the world, Platinum Moving is friendly, fast, and affordable.