We’ve seen the number of individuals and families moving overseas increased significantly in the past 10 years. With a big move overseas, finding the right method for shipping your belongings can get stressful. If this is your first international move, learning more about shipping options can help you find the best plan that fits your individual needs. Typically, ocean freight shipping is a great cost saver option, plus it has a lower carbon footprint than other shipping methods. 

Is Ocean Shipping Right For You?

When it comes to timing, air travel is definitely a lot faster than ocean shipping. We’d recommend air travel over ocean shipping if your family is relocating without needing to transport household items, vehicles and more. When moving household items plus vehicles, ocean shipping has the advantage

Advantages of Container Shipping

1. Lower Cost 

While it does take longer to ship items compared to flying them, international shipping costs substantially less. The difference in cost between air and ocean shipping is how the cost is determined. With air shipping, the weight and size of package determine the cost. While with boat shipping, it’s based solely on the shipping container size (weight doesn’t matter). 

2. Accommodates larger loads

Container shipping gives you the opportunity to move an entire household in a few containers on a ship. Depending on the amount of large furniture you have, smaller households can typically hold everything in one large-sized container. 

3. Smaller Environmental Impact

Making small changes in your own life (recycling, using less plastic, etc) can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. The same goes for using the environmentally friendly shipping option. Ocean freight shipping leaves behind a lower carbon footprint with a reduction in CO2 emissions. 

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Ocean Freight Shipping with Platinum Moving Services

Platinum Moving Services has been overseeing ocean freight shipping for the past thirty years in the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area. We can help you find the right moving plan for you, customized to fit your needs at the best available rate. Plus, we can handle the entire move– from taking apart large items to safely packing antique dishes.

Get your free international shipping quote today and let us handle the logistics of your move while you handle getting your family safely to your destination point.