Piano Movers in Hyattsville

Are you in search of experienced, professional piano movers in the Hyattsville area? Platinum Moving Services is the premier piano moving company for the DC metro area. With more than 30 years of moving experience behind us, we are the ones to trust to transport your piano safely.

Whether you’re moving your piano across the country, or even overseas, we’ll make sure your piano arrives safely at its destination.

To learn more about our Hyattsville-area piano moving services, call us at 301-591-3858 or contact us here.

Benefits of Hiring Piano Movers

Over the years Platinum Moving Services has acquired extensive experience preparing pianos for transport, so you can trust the safety of your piano to us. Our piano movers will take care of transporting your piano from start to finish. Hiring piano movers will help:

  • Make your move less stressful
  • Give you peace of mind about the safety of your piano
  • Free you from having to transport a heavy and delicate object
  • Ensure your piano won’t lose value due to damage during transport
  • And more!

Working with professional piano movers is the best option for transporting this delicate, heavy, investment piece.

Hyattsville Area Expert Piano Movers

Planning to try piano moving by yourself? Though it isn’t recommended, moving your piano by yourself requires extra caution. Your piano is very heavy, delicate, and awkward, as pianos carry all their weight in their top half. Just a single scratch can greatly reduce its value! Not only that, trying to move your piano on your own could cause damage not only to your home or piano but to yourself as well! The average piano weighs between 300 and 500 pounds, so improper lifting may put you at risk for injury. Let the professional piano movers at Platinum take care of it for you. Platinum Moving Services’ experienced piano movers will make sure your piano arrives at its destination in the exact shape it was when you entrusted us with it!

What We Do to Protect Your Piano During Shipment

In addition to having expert moving staff handle your piano, we use proven piano moving techniques.

  • We use the proper equipment. It’s not enough to wrap the piano up in blankets and packing tape (although that is part of the process). We use professional straps, heavy-duty furniture dollies, and other tried-and-true moving tools to ensure the safety of your piano while we take it from your home or business into our truck and then to its destination.
  • We protect the piano’s moving parts. To keep the delicate parts of your piano secure, we lock the keyboard lid (if it doesn’t have a lock, we use other means to secure it—never tape) and the casters, if necessary. We always keep a piano in its full upright position, as laying it on its side can cause damage to its inner workings.
  • We carefully secure the piano in our truck. It is absolutely critical that your piano moves as little as possible during transport, and we take every step necessary to make certain it doesn’t. Your piano will be placed at the back of the truck bed (closest to the cab), put on planks to relieve pressure on its legs and/or casters, and strapped securely to the walls of the truck.

Piano Movers in Hyattsville, MD

When you need to move your piano, call an experienced piano moving company—Platinum Moving Services. Our expert piano movers use the most trusted techniques and equipment to protect your piano during transport so you can concentrate on getting settled in your new home. Platinum specializes in packing and moving delicate items like pianos – we’ve even moved artwork for The Smithsonian – so there isn’t a better piano moving company in the DC metro area to contact.

We also offer complete moving and shipping services, so we can help ensure your entire move is as stress-free as possible and that all of your items, including your piano, arrive in good condition.

When you need a reliable piano moving company serving Hyattsville, call Platinum Moving at 301-591-3858 or contact us online.

Grand Piano wrapped for shipping. Afterwards the piano is enclosed within wooden crate constructed to fit.

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    “Platinum takes professional to a whole new level!”

    Steve T.

    “Platinum moving made an extraordinary showing of moving me from DC to Mexico City, Mexico. I was somewhat focused as this was the primary worldwide move that I needed to orchestrate all alone as I had been fortunate to have the USG move me all my past times. I had a tight window, a couple of weeks in which to arrange the move. Platinum was extraordinary in working with me to plan the review rapidly and the resulting pack-out. The group they had for me was obliging, proficient, and fast. There was somewhat of a postponement in the entry of the holder from Baltimore, MD because of a mishap and activity that day yet that was minor considering everything by and large. They additionally combined me with an incredible organization in Mexico, called Balderas. There were just a couple of days postponement at the traditions/port in Veracruz before my stuff landed at my new able in Mexico City. Generally, thanks such a great amount to Platinum and Balderas for making the move easily on their parts.”

    F L.

    international moving company


    With 30+ years in the moving & shipping business, Platinum has done it all—and done it exceptionally well. Even the Smithsonian raves about us!