Piano Moving Services in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC & Virginia (VA)

Are you preparing for an upcoming move? If you have a piano, have you thought about what to do with it? Is it time to get rid of it or is it coming with you? If you're worried about piano moving and are thinking about hiring professionals, look no further! Platinum Moving Services are the piano movers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC you can trust to transport your piano safely.

Platinum Moving Services has many years of experience with piano moving, and whether you're moving across town, across the country or overseas, we'll make sure your piano arrives safely at your new home.

Benefits of Hiring Piano Movers

Over the years Platinum Moving Services has acquired extensive experience preparing pianos for transport, so you can trust the safety of your piano to our expertise. No matter how far you are moving, our piano movers will take care of transporting your piano from start to finish. Hiring piano movers will help:

Make your move stress-free

Give you peace of mind about the safety of your piano

Free you from having to transport a heavy and delicate object

Ensure your piano won’t lose value due to damage during transport

And more!

Working with piano movers is the best option for people planning a move. You have a lot to worry about when you’re going to a new home, so piano moving should be the last thing you think about! Our piano movers will get your piano wherever it needs to go safely and securely – whether that place is around the corner or in another country.

Expert Piano Movers

Planning to try piano moving by yourself? Though it isn’t recommended, moving your piano by yourself requires extra caution. Your piano is very heavy and delicate – just a single scratch can greatly reduce its value! Not only that, trying to move your piano on your own could cause damage not only to your home or piano but to yourself as well! The average piano weighs between 300 and 500 pounds, so improper lifting could really hurt your back! Why not let professional piano movers take care of it for you so every step of your move can be as hassle-free and stress-free as possible? Platinum Moving Services’ experienced piano movers will make sure your piano arrives at your new home in the exact shape it was when you entrusted us with it!

Piano Movers in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Piano moving doesn’t have to be stressful, and it won’t be with our piano moving company. Our piano movers can make sure your piano isn’t damaged during transport so you can worry about getting settled in your new home. We are experts at packing and moving delicate items like pianos – we’ve even moved artwork for The Smithsonian – so there isn’t a better piano moving company to contact. 

Since we also offer comprehensive moving services, we can help ensure your entire move is as stress-free as possible and all of your items, including your piano, arrive in good condition. So if you’re moving and taking your piano with you, contact our piano movers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC today!

Grand Piano wrapped for shipping. Afterwards the piano is enclosed within wooden crate constructed to fit.

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