International Moving to Angola

Are you moving to Angola from Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia? Are you unsure how you’ll move the entire contents of your entire home in addition to your family’s cars across the ocean? Whether you are moving with an embassy, a privately owned company, for government work, or for pleasure, Platinum Moving Services can take care of all the logistics that your move will entail!

Are you moving to Luanda with your company to be part of oil production? Or will you be studying the animals and ecostructure of Namib Desert from the Namibe Special Reserve? Let Platinum Moving get you there!

To talk about moving to Angola, call us today at 301-591-3858 or fill out a contact form!

Overseas Moving Made Simple

If you are moving from Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia to Angola, you can entrust your home, your belongings, and your entire move to us. Rest assured that we will:

  • Pack your household items and personal effects either in cardboard boxes or wooden crates, whichever you prefer. Know that our packing craftsmanship is second to none!
  • Inventory and create a list of your belongings.
  • Book the vessel from your home to its destination in Angola.
  • Arrange for pickup and delivery of the empty metallic container to your home.
  • Load the container and seal it with a lock and numbered metal seal.
  • Process all documentation (Bill of Loading, Export Declaration and other documents) for international transportation.
  • Deliver the full container to port in Angola.
  • Arrange for destination services in Angola with one of our many reputable moving agents. All our agents belong to the prestigious International Association of Movers, of which we ourselves are a member.

Whether you’re heading to Soyo to work on the ever-expanding energy sector or to second largest city, Huambo, the home of the country’s railway system, Platinum Moving can take care of your moving process.

For overseas car shipping, please see our vehicle shipping page!

International Moving Services for Diplomatic Personnel from Angola

We have moved diplomatic personnel from the United States to the embassy in Angola. We handled both the move of the embassy’s office as well as several of the home relocations. As an expert in international moving, we handle global relocation services for numerous worldwide organizations. We provide the same caliber of service to moving your home to Angola as we did to these embassies that we moved from your area to the following countries:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Argentina
  • El Salvador
  • Bosnia
  • Iran

If you seek overseas moving services for members of an embassy or federal organization, our moving specialists can help. We will pack and ship your items with the utmost care to ensure that they reach their destination in tact!

Global Relocation Services

Moving from Angola to the United States, but not to the Washington, DC Metropolitan region? Platinum Moving is still happy to help!

We have over 25 years of experience in integrated logistics and overseas moving. We will facilitate the necessary booking of vessel, drafting of documentation, and customs clearance as well as the numerous details you need addressed for your move. We will also hire and negotiate the best price for origin and destination services, both here and abroad.

Platinum Moving is the only contact you will need to coordinate your international move, whether you are a private customer, diplomat, or international organization. As logistics experts, we will manage your entire overseas move from start to finish so that you can take care of yourself and your family. We’ll make the moving process as easy and stress-free as possible!

Call us at 301-591-3858 or fill out a contact form to coordinate your move to Angola with one of our experienced professionals!