What You Should Know About Moving Overseas Temporarily

When you’re moving out of the U.S. temporarily, it will take some planning to decide what to bring, what to leave behind—and where to store the items you decide not to take.

The first thing you’ll want to do is hire an international moving company in the DC metro area. A reputable company will provide you with a free, accurate estimate of your moving costs as well as the amount of time it will take to get your belongings to your destination.

How to Prepare for a Temporary Overseas Move

Since you aren’t moving abroad permanently, there are plenty of things you can leave behind, which may make your trip a bit easier. You likely won’t need most of your furniture, and can probably bear to part with a good amount of your belongings that aren’t absolute necessities.

What to Leave Behind

If you won’t be subletting or otherwise holding on to your house or apartment while you’re gone, you’ll need to either get rid of or store the bulk of your things. Besides the obvious things like furniture and appliances, you won’t need to take:

  • Bicycles – If you plan to get around via bike at your destination, you can probably find an inexpensive model to suit your needs while you’re there.
  • Some of your wardrobe – If you know you’ll only be abroad for the length of a certain season you can leave behind clothes that don’t suit the climate. It will be easier to pick up a jacket or something else you need there, rather than pack more items that you might not use at all.
  • Cookware – Depending on the accommodations you’ve arranged at your destination, you’ll likely just want to pack the basics, if any cookware or dishware at all.
  • Books – Take only what you need!

What do you do with the items you’re leaving behind but still need? If you can’t store them with family or friends, find a trustworthy DC-area storage company. At Platinum, we offer 30 days of free storage for all of our clients who are moving internationally.

Moving Your Belongings Abroad

When you are searching for international moving companies, you should look for one that has experience moving and shipping to your destination. Your moving company can determine what the best option is for getting your belongings overseas—shipping via air or shipping via ocean. Shipping via ocean is usually less expensive, but you may want to opt for air shipping if you need your items to arrive quicker.

Once you’ve hired your international movers, make an appointment with them for a pre-move survey. The pre-move survey is critical for a successful move because it gives you a chance to ask about the time required for delivery, the means of transportation that you should use, whether you will need insurance coverage (and how much), and what documents you will need at customs.

An experienced, reliable moving company will be able to tell you what you need to know when moving abroad, offer international moving tips, and make sure  you are aware of any last-minute international moving tasks that will help make your temporary move a successful one.

Streamline Your Short-Term International Move

The fact that you’re only relocating short-term adds a number of unique challenges and possible stressors to your international moving process. It’s a good idea to research several DC, Maryland, and Virginia moving companies to ensure you’re getting reliable, professional service. Please feel free to contact Platinum Moving with any questions your temporary international move.

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