Packing China

Packing Fragile Dishware

Did you know that when packing chinaware (dishes, bowls, serving dishes, etc) it is best to place them on their edges? There is a certain way to pack china that minimizes chances of breaking and chipping.  Platinum Moving can also pack your china for you, and our packing craftsmanship is second to none!

Many people place china flat in the boxes, but as you stack dishes on top of each other, the bottom ones are put under too much pressure which can break them. This is the same reason why old vinyl records are always kept on their edges instead staking them flat on the shelf.

Packing China

When it comes time to pack up your china, these are good tips to follow:

  • Stemware and fine crystals should also be placed edge down on the box. Never lay stemware on its side. Doing so is most likely to cause damage during transport.
  • To protect the edges from chipping, we wrap each piece of fine china and crystal in several layers of paper. Always place several layers of wrapping between pieces and around the stem of crystals.
  • For delicate pieces, we use bubble wrap to separate each dish, or fill the empty spaces of the box between glasses with packing “peanuts.”
  • Finally, for china and other fragile items, we use china barrel boxes which are a full ¼ inch thick!  These boxed are more expensive than normal ones, but it is well worth it since it serves as good protection and security.

Packing china, if done right, can save space and ensure your dishes and stemware remain secure and completely intact during the moving process. If you need help packing china or just want some tips, contact Platinum Moving today!

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