Commercial Shipping Services in Washington, DC

Are you shipping a priceless painting to a buyer across the globe? Do you need to send your company’s products to a new seller in Dubai? When you need dependable commercial shipping services for your Washington, DC area business, call Platinum Moving. We ship items for clients from all over the DC metro area.

Get a free commercial shipping quote from our Washington, DC team of commercial shippers or call us at 301-591-3858 to talk about commercial shipping from Washington, DC.

Our Commercial Shipping Services

Platinum Moving is licensed in international freight transportation. We work with a number of partners across the United States and throughout the world to provide seamless service to our valued customers. We are also plugged in to a network of brokers and customs agents worldwide to aid with problem-free entry, departure, and delivery of your commercial shipments.

In addition to many other commercial shipping services in Washington, we can provide:

  • Temperature-controlled shipping
  • Shared cargo space (shipping your freight with another client’s to save you money)
  • Professionally packed freight boxes

If you have questions about unique cargo or shipping requirements, or any other commercial shipping issue, please contact us!

Commercial Shipping from DC via Air, Land, and Sea

Air Shipping to and from Washington, DC

Depending on the size and scope of your commercial shipment, we can ship via air one of three ways:

  1. By passenger plane.Freight being shipped via passenger plane is stored underneath the cabin of the aircraft in specially-fitted containers.
  2. By dedicated cargo plane.The largest cargo planes can carry about 26,000 cubic feet of freight.
  3. By super transporter.In super transporters, cargo is stored above the cockpit and throughout the entire length of the plane.

When you ship your items with Platinum Moving, you can rest assured that your goods will be transported with the utmost safety and efficiency.

Air freight rates from Washington, DC vary based on the weight of the items being shipped, their destination, and other factors. Please contact us for an air shipping quote.

Commercial Ground Shipping in Washington, DC

We can broker national ground shipping for your company. We will arrange for agents to perform both the origin and destination services and take care of the transportation. All you need to do is give us the particulars of your shipment, and, for a small fee, we will take care of all the logistics for you! This eliminates the hassles of having to deal with multiple companies. Instead, you have one contact with our company who handles all aspects of the ground shipping process for you.

Commercial Ocean Shipping in Washington, DC

For getting commercial shipments overseas, shipping via ocean is often the most practical choice.

Typically, shipping abroad via ocean will cost less than shipping via plane from Washington, DC. In some cases that may not be true, but most of the time you will save money when you use an ocean container rather than air freight.

Ocean containers come in large sizes and therefore can hold more cargo in fewer shipments.

Contact Platinum today for a free ocean shipping quote.

International Shipping Regulations

As a veteran international shipping and moving company, our staff is always up to date regarding international shipping regulations. We will advise you of any restrictions, requirements, fees, taxes, and other factors that may affect your freight.

This is one of the distinct benefits of working with u instead of a box store since we stay abreast of the most recent changes in shipping regulations. We also have over thirty years of experience in the industry so we can speak from personal experience when we say that a particular product may not arrive in time or in ideal shape.

Why Choose Platinum for Commercial Shipping Services in Washington, DC?

Platinum is proud to have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We provide services to many of DC’s embassies and we have even shipped priceless items for the Smithsonian. Still not sure about our services? Take a moment to look at our testimonials and read reviews from your satisfied DC neighbors.

When you need dependable commercial shipping services for your Washington, DC area business, call Platinum Moving at 301-591-3858 or get a free quote online.

Platinum provides additional services in Washington, DC, including:

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