Is It Worth It To Move Furniture Internationally?

You may find yourself needing to move overseas for work, family, or a new start. Regardless, it is an often a courageous decision that can come with a lot of headache. What are you going to do with your stuff? How will you go shopping in an entirely new country with different customs and often vastly different prices?

The first step to minimizing these considerations is figuring out international shipping. Go through your stuff and decide what you will keep—it should be stuff that you use regularly, and that has meaning to you. Then, realize that there are expert companies such as Platinum Moving Services that do this for a living so you can assure you have a headache-free moving experience.

Why Ship Furniture Internationally?

If you’re moving overseas, there are probably plenty of things that you’ll give away or sell—certain pieces of furniture doesn’t have to be one of these. Here are a few reasons to consider international shipping:

  • Shipping by ocean is the only really feasible way to move large items—the costs are drastically reduced when compared to shipping by air. Keep in mind, too, that when you buy freight items in different countries that lack the robust economy of the US, you’ll pay an arm and a leg for delivery to your new home—even if the store is relatively close to you.
  • Great furniture with loads of sentimental value is hard to come by—especially in an entirely new country, with entirely new manufacturers. When you take into account the low, low rates on ocean shipping by Platinum Moving Services, this one-time expense is often worth it to keep your treasured items.
  • When you have your own stuff moved to your new location overseas, you are assured of having precisely what you need. The transition can be tough; in fact, unless you have very common and generic furniture, it is unlikely you’ll find the same model (though this depends heavily on the destination country, too). If you do find it—expect significant differences in the price you’ll have to pay.

With ocean container shipping offered by Platinum Moving Services at unbeatable rates, your stuff is in the hands of professionals with over three decades’ of experience transporting furniture across seas from the DC metro area.

About Platinum Moving Services

Platinum Moving is a full-service moving company serving the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. We offer both moving and storage services to make moving and storing as easy and stress-free as possible. Whether you are moving across the globe or across the street, our movers are dedicated to help make your move easy and affordable.

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    “Platinum takes professional to a whole new level!”

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    “Platinum moving made an extraordinary showing of moving me from DC to Mexico City, Mexico. I was somewhat focused as this was the primary worldwide move that I needed to orchestrate all alone as I had been fortunate to have the USG move me all my past times. I had a tight window, a couple of weeks in which to arrange the move. Platinum was extraordinary in working with me to plan the review rapidly and the resulting pack-out. The group they had for me was obliging, proficient, and fast. There was somewhat of a postponement in the entry of the holder from Baltimore, MD because of a mishap and activity that day yet that was minor considering everything by and large. They additionally combined me with an incredible organization in Mexico, called Balderas. There were just a couple of days postponement at the traditions/port in Veracruz before my stuff landed at my new able in Mexico City. Generally, thanks such a great amount to Platinum and Balderas for making the move easily on their parts.”

    F L.

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    With 30+ years in the moving & shipping business, Platinum has done it all—and done it exceptionally well. Even the Smithsonian raves about us!