What Does Full Service Mean?

What Does a Full Service Mover Do?

At Platinum Moving Services, we offer full service moving, shipping, and logistics. That’s easy to say, but what does “full service” mean for you, the client? Does it mean the same thing for someone who’s moving across town that it does for the company that’s shipping its products to international destinations? Let us explain what full service means here at Platinum.

Full Service Moving

While you can hire any of our services a la carte, our full service moving suite includes all of the following:

  • Onsite estimate – Unless a mover actually comes to your location to survey your items, there’s no way to provide a truly accurate estimate. When you request an estimate from Platinum, we send an experienced team member to your home or office to conduct a visual, hands-on survey of the items you will be moving. This method ensures that we provide you with the most accurate estimate possible—and helps reduce the chance of surprises down the line!
  • Free quote – After our onsite survey, we provide a free, itemized quote that includes every charge, along with an explanation of services and fees.
  • Packing – After more than 30 years in the moving business, we know how to pack a box! Not to mention fragile and delicate objects, oddly-shaped items, artwork and antiques, glass table tops, musical instruments, and so much more. We use proven methods for packing and securing your belongings, and we know how to pack up a home or business efficiently.
  • Loading – No matter how your items are being transported, we can take care of loading them. We even fill out the paperwork needed for ocean shipping and other types of freight.
  • Transporting – Platinum handles nearly every type of transport available, and we will work with you to determine the best option for you, both budget-wise and project-wise. We ship via:
    • Truck
    • Ship
    • Air
  • Unloading – Our crew or partner company at your destination will carefully transfer your items from the truck to your new home or office, or retrieve them from the loading dock or airport and bring them safely to their endpoint.

Always Included: Care and Communication

When you hand your belongings over to a mover, you want assurance that they are being tracked and secured at every point. At Platinum, we believe that communication is a critical part of customer service. We demonstrate this by:

  • Providing a clear, written quote or moving contract with each service listed and priced, so that you know exactly what is included and how much each service or product costs.
  • Staying in touch with you throughout your entire move or shipment process.
  • Having someone available to answer questions about your job or account at any time during business hours.
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with our national and international partners. This ensures that we get prompt information from them when needed.

Don’t Settle for Less Than Full Service!

If you are getting quotes from several full service movers, be sure you know what each company means by full service—it can vary greatly! We encourage you to get estimates from at least three movers before you make a decision. Should you have questions about the moving or shipping process, please feel free to call Platinum Moving Services at 301-591-3858.

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    “Platinum takes professional to a whole new level!”

    Steve T.

    “Platinum moving made an extraordinary showing of moving me from DC to Mexico City, Mexico. I was somewhat focused as this was the primary worldwide move that I needed to orchestrate all alone as I had been fortunate to have the USG move me all my past times. I had a tight window, a couple of weeks in which to arrange the move. Platinum was extraordinary in working with me to plan the review rapidly and the resulting pack-out. The group they had for me was obliging, proficient, and fast. There was somewhat of a postponement in the entry of the holder from Baltimore, MD because of a mishap and activity that day yet that was minor considering everything by and large. They additionally combined me with an incredible organization in Mexico, called Balderas. There were just a couple of days postponement at the traditions/port in Veracruz before my stuff landed at my new able in Mexico City. Generally, thanks such a great amount to Platinum and Balderas for making the move easily on their parts.”

    F L.

    international moving company


    With 30+ years in the moving & shipping business, Platinum has done it all—and done it exceptionally well. Even the Smithsonian raves about us!