Tips for Moving Your Office Overseas

As a leading international mover and international shipping company in the DMV, we’ve dealt with hundreds of international office moves. With experience moving residences and businesses across multiple oceans, we know the ins-and-outs of relocating internationally. We’re here to help you ease the pain with our tips for moving your office overseas.

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10 Tips for Moving Your Office Overseas

  1. Don’t pack precious, valuable, or personal items. Things like family photos, college diplomas, fragile artwork, or desk collectibles should not just be packed in a cardboard box and stored on a boat. To keep these items from breaking, we recommend carrying these items with you personally.
  2. Label everything. Your office moving coordinator should take care of most of the logistical pieces of your move, however some items may be overlooked. After all, moving your office overseas is no easy task. Labeling your office materials with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker with your new office number and/or name should help minimize the risk of your stuff getting lost. We even recommend labeling each box with the contents inside, so you know just what box to grab when you need it during the unpacking process.
  1. Empty all wastebaskets and remove all trash. We’re movers, not trash collectors. Before we arrive to move your office overseas, please empty all trash cans and wastebaskets of any waste and be sure not to store anything in the empty trash bins.
  2. Schedule maintenance for all of your electronics. A lot of companies choose to rent or lease their electronic devices—including computers, smart phones, tablets, copy machines, etc.—instead of purchasing them outright as a cheaper solution. We recommend contacting your rental provider to schedule maintenance and ensure no equipment must be returned before relocating your office overseas.
  3. Empty filing cabinets and storage bins of all contents. Moving your office overseas means taking any paper copies of company records and client data with you. Unfortunately, you can’t ship these files in their existing containers. Pack all contents from filing cabinets and storage bins in cardboard boxes and lock or tie all cabinet doors.
  4. Label any office items not making the move overseas. Any office items not making the move overseas should be labeled clearly with “DO NOT MOVE.”
  5. Label all hanging pictures and maps. Most offices are equipped with maps on the walls or have hung other pieces of art for a better décor. Like a desk chair or desk, label these pieces with their new office number or location and leave them hanging on the wall. The international movers at Platinum Moving. will pack them in special “A-frames” and transport them overseas safely and securely.
  6. Check for elevator access. As a courtesy to your movers, check both your current and new buildings for elevator access. This gives your moving company the best and most convenient paths to move your office safely and efficiently. If there are no elevators, be sure to notify your movers before moving your office overseas.
  7. Draw a floor map. Chances are your new office doesn’t have the same layout as your current one. As another courtesy to your movers, and to make your life easier during the unpacking process, draw a floor map of your new office layout (desk location, shelving and filing cabinet placement, etc.). That way, you don’t have to worry about relocating any heavy pieces of furniture—your movers will do it for you!
  8. Purchase transit insurance. In the event of a disaster—lost items, damaged equipment, etc.—transit insurance has you covered and can save your company thousands of dollars in the long-term.

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