How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

Having a vehicle shipped across the country or to another continent requires going through certain actions in order to make sure your vehicle arrives safely at the other end. It isn’t difficult to get it ready, however, if you follow a few important steps.

1. Wash your car. This is important because you need to do a pre-shipping inspection for scratches, dents and other imperfections. In most cases, the shipper will be going through this inspection process with you but it doesn’t hurt to do an inspection yourself, complete with pictures taken from different angles.

2. Make sure all the fluids such as transmission fluid and oil are filled. This should be done a week before shipping in order to watch for any leaks. If leaks are found, have them repaired before shipment or allow the shipper to know so your car won’t be placed above another one.

3. Remove things that could get broken, such as spoilers and side windows. Retract the antenna if possible so it isn’t snapped accidentally. If there are parts that can be accidentally torn off and you can’t easily remove them, make sure they are affixed tightly to minimize any chances of damage.

4. Remove anything of value that can easily be removed, such as GPS systems, radios, and the like. These things are often not included in the insurance by the shipping company and damage won’t likely be covered.

5. Ensure your fuel level is somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 full. This allows enough fuel for loading and unloading your vehicle but not so much it adds unnecessary weight.

6. Disable your alarm system. This can create a problem if it is accidentally set off and the shipper is unable to silence it.

7. Remove all personal belongings. If the shipping truck is broken into, you don’t want to risk losing things that may be of value, give out private information, or cause any other issue.

8. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. By doing this, you make it easier to load and unload your vehicle without damaging the tires. Remember, it is just as dangerous to under-inflate your tires as it is to over-inflate them.

9. Lock your doors. Once your vehicle is loaded, it is not necessary for anyone to have access to the interior until it is ready to be unloaded at the other end.

10. Hire a reliable mover. If you live in the Washington, DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia area, contact Platinum Moving to transport your vehicle safely from one location to another.

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