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Fall Moving Tips

Fall Moving TipsFall is a season full of colorful leaves, pumpkins, football, and apple picking. It’s the time of year when people take advantage of being outside before the cold days of winter set in. But did you know fall is also a great time of year for moving? Why...

How to Prepare Your Items for Air Shipping

How to Prepare Your Items for Air ShippingWhether you have a few specialty items or a whole household to move, air shipping is one of the best methods to get your items across long distances. But before you ship your items, you should take the time to pack them...

Is Ocean Shipping Right for You?

Is Ocean Shipping Right for You?Moving overseas is becoming a reality more often. Our world is so widely connected that companies often have offices located throughout the world. This translates in many families finding it necessary to pack up their belongings and...

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for ShippingHaving a vehicle shipped across the country or to another continent requires going through certain actions in order to make sure your vehicle arrives safely at the other end. It isn't difficult to get it ready, however, if you...

Do Movers Provide Boxes? And Other FAQs

Do Movers Provide Boxes? And Other FAQsHiring a moving or storage company isn't something you do on a regular basis. This means you may have many questions. Below are some questions we hear most often. Read through the questions and answers and if you still have...

How to Choose a Long Distance Moving Company

How to Choose a Long Distance Moving CompanyLong distance moving is both exciting and scary. When it involves moving internationally, it can feel like an adventure. Of course, an adventure can be either good or bad, depending on how well it goes. A move of this...

Where to Store Furniture When Selling or Staging a Home

Where to Store Furniture When Selling or Staging a HomeResidential moving is full of chaos. You've booked the movers, started packing, explored your new location and check your list for the next item. It seems no matter how organized you think you are, there is always...

Best Moving Company in Washington, DC

Best Moving Company in Washington, DCMoving companies may all appear to be the same, but there are a wide variety of factors that make each one unique. If you are looking for the best moving company in the Washington, DC area, look no further than Platinum Moving...

Why Choose Platinum Moving?

Why Choose Platinum Moving?With all the choices of moving companies available, you may be wondering why you should consider hiring Platinum Moving Services as your Washington, DC movers. We Have the Experience Platinum Moving has over 30 years of proven experience in...

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“Platinum takes professional to a whole new level!”

Steve T.

“Platinum moving made an extraordinary showing of moving me from DC to Mexico City, Mexico. I was somewhat focused as this was the primary worldwide move that I needed to orchestrate all alone as I had been fortunate to have the USG move me all my past times. I had a tight window, a couple of weeks in which to arrange the move. Platinum was extraordinary in working with me to plan the review rapidly and the resulting pack-out. The group they had for me was obliging, proficient, and fast. There was somewhat of a postponement in the entry of the holder from Baltimore, MD because of a mishap and activity that day yet that was minor considering everything by and large. They additionally combined me with an incredible organization in Mexico, called Balderas. There were just a couple of days postponement at the traditions/port in Veracruz before my stuff landed at my new able in Mexico City. Generally, thanks such a great amount to Platinum and Balderas for making the move easily on their parts.”

F L.


With 30+ years in the moving & shipping business, Platinum has done it all—and done it exceptionally well. Even the Smithsonian raves about us!