Is Ocean Shipping Right for You?

Moving overseas is becoming a reality more often. Our world is so widely connected that companies often have offices located throughout the world. This translates in many families finding it necessary to pack up their belongings and move everything but their actual house to a country that is an ocean away. This is when it is necessary to decide exactly how you will get your things from one point to another. One of the most common ways to do this is still by ship.

Advantages of Ocean Shipping

With air travel being so fast, many people almost forget that international shipping is also done by ships. If it were just your family relocating, minus all your household items, air travel may make more sense. For actual moves requiring the shipping of household items, vehicles and more, ocean shipping holds several advantages.

Lower cost – Because the time it takes to ship by ocean is longer than air flight, international shipping by sea can cost a great deal less than other methods.While air shipping cost is determined by both weight and package size, boat shipping is often based solely on shipping container size.

Accommodates larger loads – Container shipping affords you the opportunity to move an entire household in a few containers on a ship. If your household is small, you may only need one large container. Airlines are not equipped to handle large loads such as this.

Less environmental impact – With the great need to find ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment, ocean shipping is at the top of the list of safest travel methods. Ships leave a much less carbon footprint with their reduced CO2 emissions.

Why Choose Platinum Moving Services for Ocean Shipping from DC, MD & VA

Platinum Moving has decades of experience in international shipping moves. We can come to your current home in the DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia area and determine how many containers you will need. We then can pack your belongings, deal with all the international paperwork and make arrangements on the other side for pickup and transportation of your items to their new location. With Platinum Moving in charge of the move, you have only to deal with getting your family from one point to the other. This reduces the amount of stress on you considerably.

If you are facing an international move and are located in the DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia area, contact us for a moving quote. We will have you happily on your way to your new life quickly and with as little stress as possible.

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