Shipping Your Motorcycle

Do you own a motorcycle? If so, it’s probably very important to you, whether you use it for a relaxing ride every weekend or exhilarating drives along a scenic road. The one thing you don’t want to worry about when you’re moving is the safety of your motorcycle! You need a motorcycle shipping company that knows how to ship a motorcycle and make sure it doesn’t get damaged during the moving process.

At Platinum Moving Services, we understand you value your motorcycle, and our motorcycle shipping services will protect your vehicle from packing to delivery at your new destination. You can trust your motorcycle to our expertise! Whether you’re moving to or from the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, we can make sure your motorcycle remains unscathed during the journey.

Local Motorcycle Shipping

Even if you’re just moving around the corner, you still want your motorcycle to get there safely. Our packing experts will treat your motorcycle with care and deliver it to you in the same condition it was when you entrusted us with it. Just because you aren’t moving far doesn’t mean your items should be treated poorly. Our local motorcycle shipping will keep your vehicle safe, even if it’s just for a few blocks!

National Motorcycle Shipping

If you’re moving to another state or across the country, you might worry about your motorcycle getting damaged due to rough roads during shipping. But with our motorcycle shipping company, your motorcycle will be able to withstand any road it travels on, even if the road is full of potholes or even unpaved! We are experts at packing your valuables; in fact, The Smithsonian Institution trusted us with moving their priceless art due to our renowned packing skills! We know your motorcycle is priceless to you – and we will treat it that way!

International Motorcycle Shipping

Moving overseas can be a very stressful process, but with us, shipping your motorcycle won’t be! We have a lot of experience with international vehicle shipping – we ship approximately one vehicle overseas each week – so you don’t need to worry at all when using us for international motorcycle shipping. If you choose to ship your motorcycle in a container, we will construct a custom apparatus around your vehicle to ensure it doesn’t move during shipping. Your motorcycle will be secured to the ground of the container so there’s no risk of it falling over and getting damaged. If you would prefer roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping, we can also arrange that for you. How you ship your motorcycle is up to you!

Motorcycle Shipping from Platinum Moving Services

No matter where you are moving, we can make sure your motorcycle gets there safely! Don’t let the safety of your motorcycle stress you out during your move – let us take that stress away! We are members of the International Association of Movers, and the Better Business Bureau gives us an A rating, so you know your motorcycle shipping experience will exceed your expectations! Contact us for motorcycle shipping in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area today!

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