How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers?

Hiring a moving company when you are facing relocation, whether across town or across the country, can save you a great deal of time and work. They can also be a lifesaver where physical labor is concerned. But let’s face it: the problem many people have with hiring a moving company is that it can feel expensive. The cost to hire professional movers will solve the ever-present dilemma of whether you should hire a moving company or tackle it alone. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay if you choose to hire a moving company.

What’s the cost to Hire Movers in Town?

Local movers typically charge by the hour and based on the average cost of movers in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, Platinum Moving Services will cost around $140/per hour when moving in town. Depending on where you live, the rates and the overall local moving cost will definitely vary. This hourly $140/per hour rate applies whether the mover are un-assembling and packing your belongings to driving from point A to point B. 

The final cost of moving is dependent upon how much work you are willing to do yourself and what all you want the mover to do. In general, a simple move across town, where you do the packing and unpacking, is going to run you approximately $140 per hour, depending on the company. This is the base cost and additional factors can increase this hourly rate.

Other Factors to Consider

Here are some of the things you need to consider when looking to hire a mover. Each of these can affect the overall price of hiring movers.

Who is packing?

You can choose to pack your own items or have the movers pack things for you. This also applies to unpacking. If you choose to do the packing and unpacking yourself, you will eliminate the extra cost of having the movers do it. The catch here is that many movers have the boxes and packing materials on hand (and don’t charge extra for it) so you will end up spending money on purchasing these things. 

How much stuff do you have?

The amount of things you have will determine the size of truck necessary to move your items. The smaller the truck needed, the less expensive your total cost will be. Platinum Moving Services has a few different sized moving trucks, making it less expensive for us to move larger houses because we can fit it all in one truck (rather than having to use more than one because that does make the cost higher). 

How far are you moving?

Moving across town is not going to cost as much as moving across the state or across country. The amount of mileage incurred will be part of the final cost, as will the cost of gas in many cases. 

When will you be moving?

This may be a factor you hadn’t thought to consider. During the summer, trucking companies are busier, which means they need to find a space to fit you in. The cost of moving in the winter, when business is slow may be lower because of the laws of supply and demand.

Where do you live?

Not only do different parts of the country have different going rates, but moving within a large city is apt to cost more than a small town move. Distance, traffic, and simple economics will all factor into the final cost.

Maryland Moving Company

After determining exactly what you need in your moving company, give Platinum Moving Services a call. As one of the most trusted Maryland moving companies, we can get you from one point to the another safely and within budget.

We also offer storage space for those things you would prefer to move later. Contact us today!