You Can Take it With You: Boat and Vehicle Shipping

Does the idea of having your boat or car transported to your new destination make you nervous? It doesn’t have to! Reputable, experienced shipping firms (like us!) follow a careful process to ensure your vehicle or vessel is safe and secure during transport across the country or around the world.

Did you know…

  • On average, Platinum sends one vehicle abroad every week.
  • We are experts at preparing and securing vehicles for transport, especially overseas transport.

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Shipping Cars Overseas: How it’s Done

There are two ways to ship an automobile (car, truck, or motorcycle) outside of the United States.

  • Containerized Vehicle Shipping

When containerized, the vehicle gets loaded into a metal container. This method is the most secure, but also more expensive. When we ship your vehicle via containerized car transport at Platinum, we bring the container to the customer’s residence. Then, we load it and take it to port as part of our white glove service. Some automobile shipping companies use ramps to load vehicles—we NEVER do. Using ramps significantly increases the risk of damage to the vehicle during loading. Instead, we have a trusted towing company partner bring the car level with the container and then roll the vehicle into the container. Finally, we tie down the car at all four corners, thus ensuring the vehicle will not move at all during transport.

  • Roll-On Roll-Off Vehicle Shipping

In roll-on roll-off vehicle shipping (often called Ro-Ro within the industry), the car is driven onto one of the decks of a ferry-like ship. In Ro-Ro, the owner of the vehicle drives the car to port and hands it over to port authorities for loading into the designated ship.

Preparing Your Car for Transport

There are a few quick checks and tasks to do to get your car ready for its journey.

  • Check for existing damage. We recommend washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of your car prior to damage inspection so that you don’t miss any damage.
  • Disconnect alarm(s). The last thing we want to do is call you to tell you we can’t load your car because the alarm is going off!
  • Remove personal items. Make sure you have all of your belongings out of the car before it is set for transport. Once it’s gone, it’s gone until it reaches its destination!
  • Remove exterior accessories and any unsecured interior accessories. Although your car is completely secured within the container or ferry, there is always the chance that movement may dislodge items that are not mounted. To minimize the risk of damage, we ask that you remove anything loose accessories.

There may be other necessary preparation depending on the type of vehicle you ship. If you have questions about transporting your car within the U.S. or internationally, give us a call at 301-591-3858.

Transporting Boats: How it’s Done

Boat shipping is done very similarly to car shipping—but with an additional option available.

  • Containerized and roll-on roll-off shipping. These methods, also used to transport vehicles, are standard and ensure your boat will arrive at your new destination undamaged.
  • Flat rack shipping. More customizable, flat rack containers are used for shipping cargo that is larger than the dimensions of standard containers. If your boat is oversized, flat rack shipping is likely your best choice.

At Platinum, we make sure your boat is packed safely so it arrives at its final location in the same condition it was in when you shipped it. If you aren’t sure which boat transport method is best for you, call us and we’ll help you figure it out.

Preparing Your Boat for Transport

It’s best to follow a proven process to prepare your boat so that it will be secure and safe during transport.

  • Check for existing damage. Any existing damage should be noted in detail so that if you find damage to your boat upon arrival, you can file a claim.
  • Remove any personal items and expensive equipment. Don’t leave any unsecured belongings or delicate, expensive instruments that you are able to remove. Safety first!
  • Make sure all fuel and water has been drained. This reduces the risk of damage.
  • Wrap and secure all glass. Windows, windshields, Plexiglas—all of it needs to be expertly secured. Did you know that Platinum has a reputation for exceptional packing?
  • Secure any loose gear above or below deck. Anything you can’t remove and ship separately will be wrapped, taped, tied, and bound so it won’t move during transport.
  • Latch and secure all doors, windows, and hatches. Nothing should be able to open during shipping.

Tip: take photos before you disconnect or dismantle anything on your boat to refer to when reassembling at its destination.

Dependable, Trustworthy Car and Boat Transport

We understand that the car and boat transport process can seem intimidating. If you have questions about shipping your boat or vehicle to or from the Washington, DC area, call our moving experts at 301-591-3858.

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