Common Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Self-storage units are great for clearing up some space in your house, storing belongings while you’re between homes, and more. But without proper planning and care, you could come back to find your items ruined. Luckily, avoiding common self storage mistakes is easy, and you can rest assured knowing your personal belongings are safe.

How to Avoid Common Storage Mistakes

Follow these tips to avoid common storage unit mistakes.

Don’t skimp on your self storage unit. It’s tempting to opt for the unit that offers the best price. It’s not worth it, and you could even end up losing money. Make sure you get a unit with video surveillance and security systems. Also, if you’re storing valuable items that need specific storage requirements, consider a climate-controlled unit.

Get quality moving supplies. You want to make sure your items stay in good condition, and the best way to do this is to spend a little more money on quality moving supplies. Things like sturdy boxes, bubble wrap for breakables, and even special boxes for painting and mirrors. Most importantly, skip the newspaper because it will leave ink stains.

Order pallets for the floor. The floor can get cold and damp and ruin items in boxes. Instead, put your boxes on pallets as an extra layer of protection. It’s especially important to put wood furniture on pallets to prevent warping. Most moving companies have pallets you can use.

Make use of moving blankets and sheets. Of all the common moving mistakes, this is a big one. Without the cushion of a moving blanket, wooden furniture can easily get scratched during the moving process. You should also use moving blankets to act as a barrier between furniture in the storage unit. For things like sofas, cover them with sheets to help protect from dust.

Store clothes properly. It’s tempting to throw all your clothes in boxes and call it a day, but they really won’t last that way in a storage unit. Pack your clothes instead in vacuum-sealed bags and place them in plastic storage containers with proper ventilation.

Keep a list. One of the biggest common mistakes is forgetting to keep a list of all the items in your storage unit. Maybe you thought something was there, but now you can’t find it. The best way to know is to record everything you have in your unit. This is also beneficial for insurance reasons.

Research good moving companies. Having a moving company you can trust is key. They can help get your items to the storage unit on moving day, and most good moving companies have specialty trained movers to handle your belongings during the moving in and out process.

Storage Units in Maryland

Platinum Moving Services has quality storage units in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Contact us today to find out how they can help you with all your storage and moving needs!

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