How Much Does It Cost to Move Overseas?

how much does it cost to move overseasHow much will it cost to move to a new country?  It’s one of the things people worry about most when moving overseas. Whether you are moving internationally for personal reasons or for a job, there are a number of things that can affect the cost of an international move (some of which you might have not thought about).

International Moving Cost Factors

  1. The size and weight of your belongings. We calculate the cost of moving your belongings overseas based upon the weight and size of your packed boxes. As a result, initial estimates you get may not be exact if companies forget to factor in how the weight of shipping materials will affect the cost of moving internationally. However, a reputable international moving company will be able to accurately tell you how much your international move will cost after packing.
  2. The international moving services you need. The cost of your international move varies greatly depending on the services you request. Most international moving companies offer options for transit time, transportation method, route of transport and containers used during the transport. The more services you request, the higher the cost of your international move will be. In addition, storage at either destination as well as insurance add to the cost of moving internationally. Learn more about ocean shipping here.
  3. Transporting your automobile. When choosing international car shipping services, you have two options, both of which will affect the cost of an international move: you can ship your automobile in a container or you can choose a roll-on, roll-off shipment. A container is more expensive and therefore will increase the cost of your international move more, but it is also the much safer route as it protects your car from damage during the trip.
  4. Temporary living costs. Many people forget to factor in temporary living costs when they think about how much an international move costs. Because your belongings will most likely arrive a few days or weeks after you do, you will need to consider the costs of hotels, food and other expenses along with the cost of your international move. Depending on where you move and how long you have to wait, these costs can significantly affect the cost of moving internationally.
  5. Export documents. Documents such as customs, taxes and port fees can have a large impact on the cost of moving internationally. The documents you need can change depending on where you are moving and the speed of transport that you choose. A reputable international moving company will be able to tell you exactly which documents you need to have prior to your international move based on your individual move’s requirements.

Overseas Shipping Costs from the DC Area

If you choose to hire a DC area international moving company, make sure you NEVER choose one that offers you an estimate for the cost of your international move over the phone without first coming to your home and seeing what you will be moving. A number of factors go in to determining the cost of an international move, and since international moving companies are not regulated by the government there are many scammers out there who prey on people who are not prepared.

Platinum Moving Services is a member of the International Association of Movers, which means that you can be sure all of our movers are fully reliable and will be able to assist you in any way during your international move.

Moving Overseas Made Easy with Our International Movers in MD, DC & VA

Platinum Moving Services is a premium DMV-area overseas moving company that can move homes or businesses locally to internationally. Our professional movers are friendly, reliable, and trained to ensure you valuables move to your new location safely and efficiently.

We move and ship your goods to your final destination. Our international shipping services include:

Don’t let concerns about the cost of an international move cause you more stress. If you live in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC and are thinking about moving abroad, call Platinum Movers today at 301-591-3858Or contact us online to get an international moving quote.

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