We’ve seen a number of families and individuals alike planning to downsize their home. Whether they are moving into a smaller space or moving internationally and looking to save on shipping costs, we know that downsizing is a difficult task. 

Having a plan of attack when it comes to downsizing your home is extremely beneficial. Here’s a few tips:

Start with the Big Stuff

If you know you’re moving from a three-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home, there’s no reason to move three beds if you don’t have room for it at your new place. Take a look at your floor plan and save yourself the expense of hauling furniture you simply won’t have room for. 

Go Through the Small Stuff

It’s a good idea to take this step a little slower. We recommend starting out with two boxes: one for must-keeps and another for maybe-keeps. It can be overwhelming to know how many boxes it will take to box everything up at first, leaving you giving away bowls, silverware and even clothing. We advise taking this step slowly and first going through everything to see where you end up. You don’t want to give away things that you’ll simply have to replace upon arrival to your new home (if you can help it). 

Go Through Every Box

It can be easy to overlook boxes of Christmas decorations in the attic and simply add them to the list of things that need to be moved. For a lot of us, over time, we stop putting out every decoration and before too long, we have entire boxes full of things we no longer use. The same goes for drawers full of tech gear, wires and computers. Free up space where you can and don’t haul boxes full of unknown or unneeded items. 

Look into Storage Options

Once you’ve gone through and separated your items into the must-keeps and maybe-keeps boxes, you might find yourself being left with more things than you know you’ll have room for. Consider doing some research to see what the cost is to store your items. If you’re planning on returning in a few years and you know you’ll want some of these items, storage can be crucial. 

Follow the One-Year Rule

While some items we have are loved and do serve a purpose (even though it might be rare), a lot of our items that are not used frequently are simply taking up space. Of course, like we mentioned, there are exceptions to the rule – if a particular item is particularly nice or expensive, use caution before giving it away. The main point is to be realistic when going through your belongings before a downsize. Keep what you use and need, both now and in the future.


If you’re looking for help on an upcoming downsizing move, Platinum Moving Services is here to help! We have custom moving plans for those who want help with an entire move or just help with packing, delivery or loading – we’re ready to help. Get your free moving quote online by filling out this form or giving us a call at (301) 591-3858


Bon Voyage!