Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Your Vehicle Cross Country

If you’re looking into shipping your vehicle cross-country, you’ve come to the right place! We know how stressful a long-distance move can be without worrying about how you’re going to get your car from point A to point B (aside from driving it).

We’ll go over everything you need to know about shipping vehicles cross-country, whether you’re ready to book your car transport or simply curious and finding out what to expect in an upcoming journey.

Is Shipping the Most Cost Effective Method?

While in the process of relocating, you might think (for a split second) that a driving your vehicle cross-country might just be a fun (and cheaper) experience than paying for a shipping service. Once you add up the tolls, gas, food, lodging and other expenses that quickly add up, hiring out for shipping vehicle cross country might just make the most sense. Plus, moving is a lot of work between packing, unpacking and reassembling your entire life.

Your Car’s Make + Model Matters

Don’t be shocked when your shipping company asks for a number of details about your vehicle. Truckers who ship cars need to know everything about your car in order to know the best place for it on their carrier. Rest assured that your vehicle’s placement during shipping will be put in the safest and best possible spot. A few things will go into prepping your vehicle.

Prep for Vehicle Cross-Shipping

-Schedule a maintenance check on your car to be sure everything is working right

-Check the battery and top off all fluids but don’t fill the gas tank past ¼ a tank (a full tank is a potential safety hazard and makes your car heavier)

-Remove all personal belongings (typically not covered by insurance)

-Secure movable parts so they don’t shift during transport

-Make an extra set of keys (if you don’t already have a spare key)

Why It’s Important to Wash Your Car

While we can all agree that a fresh, clean car is nice, the main reason you need to wash your car before shipping is for inspection (before and after shipping) to check for scratches, dents and dings. This inspection will give you peace of mind knowing your car is safe. While it’s rare for vehicles to be damaged during cross-country shipping, accidents can happen. Make sure that you transportation company has up-to-date insurance while also double checking with your auto insurance company to be clear it will be covered during its journey.

Are you ready to ship your vehicle cross-country or even international? Get your free vehicle shipping quote today!

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