8 Steps to Get You Ready to Move Abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting opportunity but while you’re taking steps to prepare for it, you probably already know how time-consuming and stressful it can be. From going through your belongings (which add up the longer you’ve lived in one place), to researching how you are going to get the essentials to your new home abroad, the list can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

The good news is you are already taking the time to research and prepare for what’s to come (which is a step that should not be overlooked)! We’ve come up with 8 steps to take that should help.

Let’s jump right into it.

1. Research and book temporary housing.

You typically don’t want to purchase a house or sign a contract to rent long-term before seeing it in person. Trust us on this one. That being said, you also don’t want to get abroad and find out that you don’t have anywhere to stay.

2. Make copies of important documents.

It’s easy to overlook this one because our important files (birth certificate, medical records, children’s school documents, etc.) are typically in the office safe and sound. But the last thing you want is to move abroad and not have access to an important document that you stored away in the states! An additional step that might prove to pay off in the end is to laminate these documents to protect them from weather and tearing.

3. Visit your doctor and update needed immunizations.

Depending on where you are moving abroad, you’ll find there are a number of immunizations that will protect you from a handful of harmful diseases. Ensure during your yearly physical that you don’t have any health issues.

4. Go through your belongings.

It’s time to jump into the fun part! It might help to think about how good you’ll feel after you have decluttered the house. Depending on how long you plan on living away from home (and if your selling your house), determine what necessities you’ll need during your move abroad.

5. Sell or rent out your home.

Depending on how long you will be living away from home, determine what makes the most sense for what to do with your current home while you are away.

6. Get a quote from an international moving company.

Depending on if you need to store <link> items, find out the cost for your timeframe. Moving companies offer different ways to transport your belongings when moving abroad (by air or sea) and if you plan long enough in advance, you’ll have time to plan and ship items which will save you money!

7. Notify important organizations and, of course, loved ones.

This includes organizations like your postal office (make sure to forward your mail after you have a new address), your bank and credit card providers, social security administration, tax agencies and insurance providers.

8. Make sure your cell phone will work internationally.

Depending on how often you use your phone, you can always download apps like WhatsApp or Viber to make phone calls using wifi.

While we know this isn’t an exhaustive list, we think it’s a great place to start! Most importantly, don’t let the never-ending list of things to do before your big move get in the way of how exciting this opportunity really is.

Bon Voyage!