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Do you need to ship goods overseas but aren’t familiar with ocean shipping? When you transport goods overseas by ocean containers, your items are placed in special containers. Platinum Moving Services is a moving company in the DC-area with more than 30 years of experience shipping via ocean containers.

To learn more about our ocean container shipping in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia, including ocean container dimensions, capacity, and more!

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Ocean Container Shipping Dimensions

We offer our international moving clients various sized containers to move property of all kinds. Our ocean containers ship in three sizes, including:

  • 20 ft – Approximately 7 feet high, 1150 cubic feet
  • 40 ft – Approximately 7 feet high, 2300 cubic feet
  • 40 ft high cube – Approximately 8 feet high, 2600 cubic feet

Steamship lines have their own containers, and the volumes will vary slightly depending on which steamship line you are shipping with.

However, the total volume is not the same as usable space. Since the ocean containers will not be filled with water or square boxes made to fit, when filling a container there will always be unused space, especially towards the top of the container.

Losses of 10-15 percent in usable volume can be expected when packing a container with boxes of different sizes and odd-shaped household goods and personal items.


Ocean Container Shipping Estimates in MD, DC & VA

At Platinum, we try to be conservative in our calculations to avoid costly mistakes. Just imagine ordering a container from port and loading the container only to find out that there is 100 or 200 cubic fee of cargo that can’t be loaded! There would be two solutions to this problem:

  1. Ordering a bigger container, unloading everything from the first container and putting it in the second or;
  2. Sending the remainder separately in a pallet.

Either solution will be expensive, not to mention a big hassle. Luckily, it’s avoidable when you do a more conservative estimate for ocean container shipping in the DMV.

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How Much Stuff Can an Ocean Container Fit?

  • 20’ ocean container – no more than 1000 cubic ft. of capacity
  • 40’ ocean container – between 2000 and 2100 cubic ft.
  • 40’ high cube ocean container – approximately 2300 cubic ft.

To put these volumes in perspective, a 20 foot container will usually suffice to carry all the furnishings of a 2-3 bedroom apartment while the household goods of medium sized houses with 3 or 4 bedroom demand a 40 foot container. For very large houses, more than one container might be necessary. Vehicles will fill most of a 20 foot container on their own, or take about half the working space of a 40 foot container.  You can put almost anything in an ocean container: beds, chairs, cars…you name it!

In all cases however, it is advisable to have an experienced mover conduct a survey of your home to calculate the total volume of your belongings and determine what size ocean container suits your needs best before embark on your international move.


Ocean Container Shipping To and From MD, DC, or VA

If you need more information on ocean containers or have questions about overseas shipping services in MD, DC, or VA, contact Platinum Moving today! And don’t forget: we will happily come to your location to do an on-site survey for an ocean container shipping estimate.

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